Chatbots Development

Chatbot is a virtual talker, a computer program used in the messenger that imitates communication with a person. It is able to automatically perform the necessary actions on command or on a schedule. The bot can be “taught” what is interesting and important to your customers.

Actually, it is new tool for improving business performance, which allows reducing additional costs for customer support. Chatbots are commonly used to answer simple questions, including basic product information or company information. However, in some chat applications, chatbots can be combined with real people to answer more complex questions. Through bots, you can plan meetings, make purchases, book tours and tickets. IT Market Solutions team can develop customized chatbots of any complex for all kinds of business.

Additionally we are strong in development of bots for Facebook, Instagram, Skype and for other messengers. Today people use bots for beauty salons, restaurants/cafés/ food delivery, online schools, tourist agencies etc.

Usually the chatbots development passes the following stages:


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